Keri's Testimonials

Three years, ago I met my amazing personal trainer Keri Bonk...she is the only person that has consistently kicked my butt, cheered me on when I wanted to give up, and kept me coming back for more agonizing, sweat dripping off my forehead – one hour, full body workouts....and she got me hooked. I always leave my training sessions feeling proud that I didn’t turtle -I know she has made grown men cry! – and that I got an amazing workout. I officially NEED to see Keri every wouldn’t be the same without her!!!

She knows my body (and my moods ) she can tell when I’ve gained a few pounds, had too much salt, overindulged with red wine, feel like a sack of potatoes that day, or bleary-eyed- tired-me from working a night shift....she knows! I don’t even need to point it out she just inherently caters my workouts to my “trouble spots”, my energy level, and sometimes, if I am in a particular funk and mood. I do, however, try my best to overcome these obstacles, and get a proper butt kick from her.....and she makes sure I do!! under the watchful eye, encouraging words, and faith of Keri – I trust her and that has given me faith in myself!

Stina A.

When I started working with Keri 3 years ago my goals were to become physically fit and to loose weight for good. That was 73 lbs ago and boy has my life ever fundamentally changed -for the best. Keri set me up to succeed not only those goals but also to strive for more. I am in the best shape of my life right now. This is Week 2 of my new Keri training regime with the aim to run a 21K trail race in Canmore. I have the confidence that i will succeed, something I did not have at the beginning. Thank- you Keri!

November 2011—15lbs lost

April 2012—73lbs lost

Maureen N.

Keri was recommended to me by my sports medical practitioner to help strengthen and rebuild my body.  As a result of my own improper training over time, I had become injured, strained and therefore weak. I could not sleep through the night and could barely walk, sit or stand for extended periods of time due to significant pain in one leg. Because of this discomfort, my overall fitness had suffered and my desire to exercise had diminished from frustration.

Upon our first meeting, I was immediately drawn to Keri's energy and attention to detail regarding my current health and fitness level. One and a half years later, Keri has not only rebuilt my strength but has educated me on overall fitness, health and smart ways to train. Throughout this process, I have completed two half-marathons and I am currently training for my first full marathon with her guidance.

Keri is extremely inspiring through her own personal fitness success, that she is naturally motivating. Her enthusiasm towards my fitness goals have contributed to many achievements for me in a very short time.

I always tell people that Keri is my "Fitness Angel".

Nicole S.

Keri is all about you and your individual aspirations.  As a trainer, she is knowledgeable, current, and incredibly capable.  She lives it - but offers so much more. She is genuine, open, and passionate – somehow making you strive to be accountable to yourself – on several levels. 

Her support goes way beyond an innovative exercise session. She promotes, and helps you achieve, positive balance in so many ways.  If life is a journey, Keri is an incredible travel companion!

Wendy S.

Keri is an outstanding Professional in a competitive fitness industry who offers expert advice on health, weight management and running. Keri’s positive and uplifting personality allows you to work hard while having fun! I realize that I will continue to become stronger, faster and healthier from my training sessions and support from Keri.

Mark T.

Keri is a consummate professional who provides a specifically designed personalized, holistic running program with my goals in mind. She gives due consideration to my physical attributes and general well-being when establishing my running and cross- training programs.

Keri seeks feedback regularly on what went well and what did not, with my training. She help me by analysing the outcomes of my runs, checking my times, distance and intensity and appropriately readjusts my training runs

She helps me identify the root cause for adverse training events, providing solutions and motivates with positive encouragement and provides the drive when my commitment flags

Keris is always there for me on my early morning cross-training days with enthusiasm, poise and a cheery smile!

Cheryl H.