My Mission

Welcome! My website and blog give you a wonderful escape into (and oasis of) a community of runners who enjoy, style, fashion, fitness, fun and AHH (or AHA) moments!

I want you to feel like you are entering your favorite store, whether that is Neiman Marcus, Gucci, Lululemon or others. When I enter great designer stores I get a feeling that “I never want to leave,” and a wonderful “high” comes over. Those sights, smells and ambiance that cannot be explained unless you LOVE and LIVE fashion!

You could say that this site features my greatest loves (or addictions), which are Fashion, Fitness and Running! (The only thing Ieft out is chocolate, but I will address that another time.)

I feel creative, invigorated, energetic, excited, happy and joyous from expressing my personal style. Since I do not paint, draw or have other artsy, creative outlets, I use “fashion” as that avenue to express my ART! I appreciate that my body is my blank canvas and what I choose to wear that day expresses my viewpoint and what I want the public to view, observe and see in my “pieces.” I believe that fashion and style are not the same. Style does not always follow trends but is what and how you wear, showing your personality by using fashionable items.

I am thankful that I have this amazing, strong, resilient and healthy body that has allowed me so many opportunities to pursue my loves. When you go into my website (I hope you like it enough to come daily!), I want you to laugh, cry, giggle, think, be inspired and inspire EVERYDAY!

Please feel empowered, validated, beautiful, and strong in knowing that there is a community of people who support your loves and likes in fashion, fitness and running.

Embrace that you are that person who runs and sweats in fuchsia Nikes and then goes out to dinner in your [insert your favourite shoe here!]. (My favourites list is long but oh, my Dior booties.) 

“Style is the perfection of a point of view”Richard Eberhart

Always — in Health, and Happiness!


Keri Bonk