These are my personal and professional favorite, effective and useful healthy lifestyle tips. These tips are NOT about specific training program or techniques, extreme dieting, workouts, achieving extreme low body fat, or FADS. They are effective tools I have used for 20 years that I know are successful at establishing a balanced, healthy and fit lifestyle that you can maintain and live daily.


The first step is to COMMIT and be ACCOUNTABLE to YOU by recording, journaling, smart phone app, friend, family, co-worker, Personal trainer, Coach, fitness classes etc. If you commit to showing up for work daily, or stopping at your favorite coffee shop every morning, you can COMMIT to spending some time, and energy in taking care of your health!


Take the time to set short, mid and long term realistic goals, then record and display them somewhere you will see them, on a regular basis. This is key when our motivation, drive and energy levels drop as you have a reminder of WHY you are on this path. Set goals that have fun and adventure, eg. You need to lose 25 lbs. and while you are on that path, you will make the time to take some salsa lessons! Setting goals that are realistic and peppered with fun will help you stay on course and hopefully enjoy the experience!


One of my favorite statements from a Personal fitness trainer I heard speaking on a talk show “ treat your fitness, health and wellbeing like the stock market, it will have highs and lows and you need to know when to ride it out and be prepared.”

Strive for wholeness – not perfection! (Jane Fonda) This says it all! To be successful at achieving a healthy lifestyle, it is consistently making good decisions and choices MOST of the time and allowing yourself to fall, pick yourself up and move forward!

Be consistent 12 months, 365 days of the year with trying to be “whole” today, tomorrow, learning, growing and becoming stronger!


This is extremely important for your success in reaching your goals as well as keeping motivated and mentally engaged. A solid, balanced, effective exercise program will contain all aspects of fitness, which include proper cardiovascular and muscular strength, endurance, power, speed, stability, agility, flexibility and balance.

It is imperative that you choose the correct program for you! I have seen too many people training themselves or with friends, spouses etc. that have completely different body types, mechanics, fitness levels, needs and body awareness completing the same workout or following a page out of a fitness magazine. Each of us are designed with very different bodies and abilities, find what works for you and keep searching until you DO!


I cannot STRESS this enough! MIX it up; variety is the key in maintaining a consistent level of fitness and healthy lifestyle! Your body physiologically will adapt to “new or different stresses, demands, skills etc.” within an average of 4-6 weeks depending upon your current fitness level, and frequency. This means that unless you continually plan periodization into your current fitness regime you will stay at the same level of performance and fitness once you adapt to the “new stressors.” Variety is also key in keeping your workouts, programs, and activities engaging and fresh.


It is vital to your health and well being of your body and mind to EAT proper, nutritious, whole foods. You would not expect to drive a car without gas, how do you Perform without fuel? Your body will respond to the physical demands you place upon it when you feed, nourish and sustain it with a balanced diet.


I recommend that you seek out a team of professionals to help, assist, and guide you through your journey of fitness and health. Within this team you may have your “Dr.” who knows your body, and all your important medical information. I would suggest a Sports Massage Therapist, an Athletic or Physical Therapist (hopefully no injuries!) Athletic/Sports Nutritionist or Dietician, Personal Fitness trainer who is educated/certified/experienced and works with your preferences, goals and needs. A running coach, or trainer who is certified and experienced with your goals and needs for running. A sports psychologist, sports medical practitioner (who specializes in ART which is active release therapy, Rolfing practitioner and any other treatments or programs you find can assist in your journey! THESE are just some of the professionals you may want in your contact list, it does NOT mean you need to hire them regularly, use within your discretion.


This is a very important learning process for all of us and our different types of personalities. I am TYPE A- which is driven, go 100 all the time, I am still practicing and learning how to DIAL DOWN! If you can relate to this type A, it is imperative you find ways to give yourself permission to pull back frequency, and intensity by allowing for recovery and rest! This may come from taking a mind/body class eg. Yoga, or going for bike ride, walking your dog or NOT wearing a watch or any kind of GPS when running! For you TYPE B personality types, you may need an extra boost of intensity and energy to “dial up” with your fitness, I would then recommend you take some group fitness classes, find a friend who is faster or stronger, hire a Professional, remind yourself to use a minimum of 2 workouts/week that you push your intensity etc. It is great to give yourself permission to dial up or down! Just start listening to your body and find that balance!


You can and should have FUN when you are pursuing a healthy, and fit life! I encourage my clients and participants to allow for a minimum of one day/week that I call Active Rest, this day is set aside for being active without INTENSITY! It is for FUN, enjoyment and just moving your body because you can! A great active rest day could include activities of going for a walk, bike ride, tennis game, golf, shopping, rollerblading, dance lessons, etc. If you notice you are starting to dread your workouts, runs, and fitness endeavors, ask yourself when is the last time you were active with something you enjoy or find adventure? FIND THE FUN! In your recreational activities, sports, workouts, run, that you can have some fun and enjoy!


Wear what makes you feel your BEST! This translates to being comfortable, functional and fashionable in your fitness and active wear. I am still confused why and how many runners will run 2 hours+ in cotton non-wicking or stinking T-shirts! that keep stretching as they sweat, look like paper bags, give chaffing, and look terrible! If I am going to require my body to give me the best output, and performance it can on that day, or workout I NEED to feel great in my clothing choices! I also encourage you to choose activewear that you enjoy wearing, whether that is the cut, color, style, function etc. Celebrate YOU on your amazing journey by dressing up in your “OWN, unique, fun ,fitness style!