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Thursday, December 05, 2013

These are some of my favorites in fitness, fashion, accessories and gadgets. The prices range from $3.00 and up so they make great holidays gifts, stocking stuffers or for any other special reason!

I love my hairbands! I cannot work, run, teach, or play without them. I love A GIRL AND HER BAND hairbands because of their fab colors, styles and they stay in place. Check out their great company that is all about girl power and supporting women and girls who love to play! If you are a runner they also have fun "running" logo styles.

 A GIRL AND HER BAND hairties.

I love these hairties that keep up our hair and also they do a great job of protecting the hair from break 



This wristband is made of breathable, light fabric that wicks sweat, and anything else on our faces and body. The creator Brandi Stewart is a runner who wanted to have a functional, and fashionable item that works for all types of workouts. I love that they work great on my runs, workouts, hot yoga classes and they also look cute in assorted colors, prints or you can customize!       

RUNNING SKIRTS Mums Caribbean Compression Sleeves

These compression sleeves arm warmers are made with high performance technical fabric to keep you warm, dry and comfortable. They also feature thumbhole and cuffins for extra warmth and NO gloves. I love arm sleeves for races or runs because at the start they keep you warm, and as your run goes on I roll mine down when I get to warm. I think it is great to find another functional and fashionable item that just helps those miles go by faster when you feel good and look good!

MY HANDANA hand bands

These reinvented sport wristbands are made of soft, durable, Supplex Lycra fabric which allows you to wipe and wick away sweat for all activities and exercise. I love my handana and wearing it for my runs, races, and pullups. I have found that my Handana on my hand for races helps with excess sweating on my face, and keeping my hands sticky free from my gels. 

LULULEMON Reversible Run With Me Gloves

These gloves are a must have for any outdoor fitness enthusiast. They are fully reversible, chafe-resistance seams and engineered with X-STATIC which makes it easy to use your iphones. I also think the cool green stripe design and reflective logo just keep them one step ahead of many other running gloves.

LULULEMON Brisk Run Neck Warmer

I bought one of these last year and I was hooked. I love using it on cold days when I am running for extra neck and face warmth with it's features of four way stretch, wicking, drawstring to adjust and reversible. It also works great to pull over your head as a hoodie.

ZENSAH Compression Socks

I love my Zensah compression socks and sleeves. I have been a convert since I wore my first pair training and racing in another ultra-marathon 3 years ago. They provide endurance with increased circulation and decreased recovery time. How can you go wrong with such great colors, and patterns. If you are going to run a marathon, it sure helps to look great (at least for the first few miles.)


BodyRock Sport is a premium crossover brand that combines fitness, fashion and function in order to empower women to look and feel their best 24/7. These neon pink gloves are made of breathable and lightweight Neoprene that is moisture wicking and contours to your hands. The cut allows you to still wear your rings (compared to other sport gloves) and I LOVE the feminine frills. These will make you feel great while hitting those weights hard!


If you do not own a infinity scarf, you are truly missing out on some coziness you can give your body and neck. I love that this is in a bright yellow with a feather pattern and fleece for those yoga classes, cooler runs or your where to and from workouts or errands.


I own a couple of Garmin's but this is on my LIST this year! I love the sleeker, cool colors with it's many features. This is a MUST for any runner, it features tap, swipe, or scroll with all and more of the features that we love in our garmin's. It will also stand up to rain, sweat and water stations while still looking cute.

YURBUDS Inspire Pro For Women

Train in color with these 3 button sweat and water resistant microphone with full track, volume and call control. I always have a problem getting my earbuds to stay in and these are specifically designed for smaller ears to keep you motivated while listening to your tunes.

ATHLETA Toasty Buns Short

These flattering, insulated hotpants are the hottest layering piece over your base layers. They will keep your butt toasty while running or during winter activities.

ALL SAINTS Ankara Puffer Coat

I am a huge fan of All Saints clothing and especially their jackets and coats. This coat is on trend with the chic street moto look. This lightly quilted puffer jacket with contrasting panels of wool and leather will keep you warm and looking trendy when heading to the gym and then back to the street. I would recommend you add an infinity scarf, wedge booties and your leggings to look great after your Saturday workout and brunch with the gals.

ASH "Bea Sneaker"

These are such a great hybrid between a sneaker and wedge that makes your ensemble from gym to street chic complete. The comfort is just another bonus.

ALEXANDER WANG For Samsung Wallie Gym Sack

This limited gym sac bag was designed by using different images created by Galaxy Note II smartphones. It has leather with a drawstring closure and an abstract print that captures the energy of New York city. The proceeds from the bag go towards the Art Start charity which funds art programs for children and young people. I adore the beautiful print and the coolness of carrying this bag to and from the gym.

TIFFANY Interlocking Circles Bangles

There is something special about the relationship that a girl has with Tiffany and these beautiful bangles in rubedo and metal are sure to be on your wish list.

Gifts are great to give and get and I hope you have some fun shopping for others and yourself. In the true meaning of the holiday season or any time of the year please remember those that have less and bless them with acts of generosity.

In Health and Happiness,


Fun, fashionable and functional running shoes.

Saturday, March 23, 2013
Saucony womens grid shadow genesis running shoe

Spring is coming and this time of year always gets me excited to shop! I love to shop for bright colors, lighter fabrics, shorter hemlines and great shoes.  There is something about shedding the layers off from winter and knowing that I can wear light and bright for spring and summer.  I love shoes (which you probably know by now) and that also includes running and crosstraining shoes.  In years past we did not have great options in colors, styles and selections when it came to purchasing functional and fashionable runners.  That problem no longer exits, I am excited to see the vast assortment of any kind of style, color, brand, and type of fitness shoe that we can dream up!  

Here are some basic tips to follow when you are purchasing new spring and summer shoes for running or crosstraining. 
- Choose a qualified expert to assess your form, foot, needs, etc. to determine what type of shoe you need to attain your running goals, races and so on.
-Wet foot test, shoe wear pattern, and look at your foot, ankle, and knee in a mirror to see where your joint pattern falls.  Foot shape, width, heel and toe box, type of running surfaces or workout surfaces.  Do you pronate, supinate, evert, invert and the list goes on.
-Do not purchase on price, color or style! Choose the shoe that works for your activity, and mechanics.  If you want a cuter shoe, then use that one for light crosstraining or resistance training.
-Not all runners(sneakers) are created equal! There is so much information, media, and technology than ever before which can become very confusing. Consult with a professional to help, and make sure your shoes feel good the first time you wear them for your run or activity. If you experience problems, go back to the professional and express your concerns. 
-It is great that we have some fun, trendy shoes BUT it is imperative to buy FUNCTION over FASHION and remember that your feet have to last your entire lifetime with millions of miles to walk, and run. I have some funky, cute, colorful, trendy runners but I use them only for certain exercises and activities that I know will not cause my feel, ankles and other joints in my body to hurt.  
-Sometimes you may get it right on your first try but do not get discouraged if you have to try out a few different brands, and styles as our exercises and activities change so can the demands on our shoes.

Saucony ProGrid Mirage 3 running shoe
Sketchers Go run II

Asics Gel Lyte 33 

Reebok Realflex scream 2.0

Asics Gel noosa Tri 8

Kswiss Kwicky blade light

Mizuno Wave Elixir 8

New Balance 890  V3

New Balance 890 V2

Merrell barefoot train crush glove trail running shoe

Nike womens free run +3

Ryka training shoe

Nike TR fit 3 print

Nike womens free

Remember to seek out a shoe professional before purchasing online. I always try on my shoes in stores and then I start searching online for different colors, prices etc.  Here are some of the retailers that I used to find these great shoes.

I wish you happy trails, feet, toes, legs and body as you put on your new shoes and find that great adventure that awaits when you spend time giving your best, with your body!

Always in health and happiness,