Body Proportion Training

This is one of my “specialties” in personal fitness training; I have been training with this type of method for 15 yrs+ with clients and MYSELF!

Body proportion training is looking at a client and determining what body type they are, and then customizing their workouts, cardiovascular exercise and nutrition for their body type.

GREAT – Now, you can have access to this on my website and be able to choose a “customized program” for your body type.

It is important to note, that This is NOT just aesthetic training — it also assists in you achieving greater awareness and level of balancing your bodies overall function, strengths, weaknesses and helps you become the BEST body you were designed to be! My goal is that each of you will be able to embrace your BODY, and train it appropriately for you to become the fitter, stronger, faster, functional body that is waiting for you to take it to the next level of becoming the Balanced body in all areas of fitness, performance and health!


  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Hourglass
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Slender
  • Athletic
  • Tall
  • Petite


Look at your body naked in front of a full-length mirror, and analyze where you hold your most body fat (or not if you are slender) and look to see what shape you are according to the descriptions below:

  • Apple — (body fat is dominant through your middle/bottom area) – these types of bodies tend to have thinner legs and when you gain wt. it usually is first to appear on your middle section and LAST place to lose.
  • Pear – (body fat is dominant on bottom/hip/tops of thighs) – These types of bodies tend to store more fat on the bottom and hips with smaller shoulders and usually gain wt. on bottom and when you lose wt. it is usually through your mid-section or top of body.
  • Hourglass — (body type is curvy, with smaller waist, and body fat is located throughout the body) –These body types are most women’s “ideal”.
  • Inverted Triangle — (body fat is dominant on upper torso) These body types will generally have a larger, wide shoulder, chest, upper torso including arms, and back and smaller hips/legs. They can look like they have done too many pull-ups (or sometimes they do!)
  • Slender — (body fat is minimal or low and lean!) These body types can be various heights and usually have a high metabolism that assists them in NOT putting wt. on easily and you can visibly see their muscles and vascularity.
  • Athletic – (body fat can be high, moderate or low and evenly placed) These body types tend too put muscle on easily and can “bulk” up in certain body parts eg. Back, legs etc. Their body fat will be moderate to low if they are participating regularly in a consistent fitness and nutrition plan. If you are carrying more body fat BUT you were leaner, muscular in years previous (playing sports etc)
  • Tall — (look for postural cues and 5 “8” or taller- do you stand erect with good posture?)-These body types tend to need development in their postural muscles.
  • Petite — (body type is 5”3 or smaller and petite frame including wrists, hips, ankles etc.) – A balanced program is Key for this body type to develop overall fitness/health and prevent osteoporosis.


Once, you have determined what dominant body type you are, it is important to use the mirror as a “tool” to help assist you in determining physical changes on a regular basis then just relying on your scale, or measurements etc. I personally take the mirror evaluation 2xmonth give/take to decide where I am at, going, or just need to be happy where I am for a while!

Now you need to determine, where you WANT to go from here with your body type and the “customized Balance Proportion training Program” will help you determine the type of programs including resistance training, mind/body, cardiovascular and nutrition.

Here is an example:

Inverted Triangle – This body type needs a program that focuses on developing the hip, glutes and legs to take away attention from the more developed and or excess body fat Upper body. The upper body will be worked in a fairly low intensity and volume while challenging the lower body with higher intensity, and volume. Cardiovascular Training should focus on lower body activities eg. Spin classes, stair training etc.


Now, you can choose your program according to your body type and begin with “training” properly for the wonderful amazing, body and self to become your BEST! If you are struggling with determining your body type, please feel free to contact me with a picture (preferable in your bikini, underwear or small yoga wear) and I can help assist you!