About Keri

Keri Bonk has excelled in the fitness industry for over 15 years in various capacities as a Group Fitness Instructor, Presenter, Fitness Club Director/Manager, and Fitness Program Coordinator. In 1998, after graduating from the Northern  Alberta Institute of Technology’s (N.A.I.T.) Personal Fitness Trainer program, she founded the Edmonton-based personal fitness training company, Body Mechanics.

Keri seeded her passion for fitness in 1993 working as a group fitness instructor for a leading women’s health club franchise in Canada. Within one year, she was offered a manager opportunity at a fitness club, and this fit well with her years of sales, management, and customer service in designer fashions and retail. She continued teaching and instructing group fitness classes throughout the ‘90s, pursuing various Canadian and Alberta certifications and courses, attending and conducting fitness conferences, wellness seminars, and workshops.

She has appeared on Global Kinsmen fit tips, A-Channel News, and she has been the featured Personal Fitness Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor for the Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Sun, and the Toronto Journal.

Keri has been able to carve a niche for herself in this competitive industry through her vast repertoire of experience and knowledge, which has come from pursing quality information, education and a thirst for the latest research in health and wellness. Keri focuses on her innovative training with her specialty of “Body Proportion Training” that uses function and performance to enhance the client’s specific goals and needs. Keri’s individual sessions and fitness classes are always challenging, mindful of specific needs, body awareness, and combine functional methods of training to transform the body and mind.

Keri consistently trains to excel in her running and racing goals. Currently close to 30 races between half-marathon to ultra-marathon distance finishing within top 5 - 100 in gender and age group for all races. She uses her personal background mixed with her education in physiology and sport specific training to assist clients in their pursuits for endurance sports.

Keri follows her many fitness passions, including downhill skiing, biking, tennis, hiking, and running. When she is not exercising, she loves to pursue her fashion passions and spend time with a great book. When you spend any amount of time with Keri, her energy, spirit, sincerity and passion is contagious!

Presentation speech for the University of Alberta Campus Recreation Foundation Award 2011/12.

Keri Bonk is the recipient of these years Foundation Award where she has been a Group Exercise Leader for the past 12 years. You can always recognize her at class in her lululemon headband and running tights!

As our programs have evolved over the years she has worked with us to continue to provide engaging and intriguing classes to our participants. She is never afraid to try new things and push the limits of her participants as they exercise.

I have been approached by many participants in her MAX class who comment, “That was the hardest workout of my life! And I will be back for more!” Many of her participants continue to return to her classes and have left comments such as “I love this class, the best I have taken ever!”

One of Keri’s true strengths is her commitment to make each class work for every participant; she takes the initiative to educate herself with a plethora of variations for each class and exercise so that everyone in her class can participate to their fullest ability. One of Keri’s admirable qualities is her polite ability to expect each and every participant to commit to the challenge and accept NO excuses for not meeting her expectations.